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You awake in a prison cell, deep underground in the goblin mines. You remember how you got here - Mortuus! You crossed him one too many times and he put you down here to wither away.

Not today, Mortuus.

A careless guard left the key to your cell right here! No weapons, but you've got your fists and a thirst for vengeance. Your quest starts here!


The Mines of Mortuus is a VR Dungeon Crawler Experience and as such will require a VR headset.

To date we have tested on WMR, Oculus Rift, and Oculus Quest 1.
If you have tried a different headset and had problems then please let us know!


Movement: Left Thumbstick to move in the cardinal directions
Turn: Right Thumbstick or Physically Turn Yourself
Pickup Items: Point at the item and press the Left/Right Grip Items
Use Items: Press the Trigger Button.
Combat: Swing your arms away from your body in a punching motion


Getting hit by monsters will cause your health to drop.
Your health is visible on your left arm as a circle.
The lower your health the less of the circle is visible.


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