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"Hello? Can you hear me? Can you walk? Look we haven't got much time. The crew has been evacuated, it's just you and me..."

A ship full of monsters lies between you and a nice, safe escape pod. Use your standard-issue nanolathe to build defenses, find the XO, save the crew's research files and get to the escape pods.

Created for #dcvrjam21


AIS.zip 670 MB


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Great graphics and narration. Well worth playing.

The aliens were a little dumb.

I managed to escape. Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks for the review dobsy! Glad to hear you liked it
Yes the Alien AI sadly needs a lot more work :D
It was a game jam so we only had a month to do everything in (as well as full time jobs!).
We definitely hope to revisit the game in the future though!